How to tell the difference between good and bad marijuana



There is always the possibility of getting marijuana and end up with bad buds. It is essential that you know how to distinguish between good and bad marijuana so that you can enjoy your weed session. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you distinguish between good and bad marijuana.

These are the four signs that you know if you’re buying high quality marijuana.

1. Have a closer look at the Buds


You can visually inspect the buds to determine if they are high-quality. To ensure you get high-quality marijuana, make sure to inspect the following attributes before buying it.

Our first priority is color. While the color of marijuana will vary depending on the strain used, the color and appearance of the buds are the most important thing to look for when searching for high-quality marijuana.

What does premium-quality marijuana plants have in common?

They are usually a deep green color. The buds can also come in different shades depending on the strain. Most high-quality marijuana strains have some form of green.

You now know which color your marijuana buds should be, but it’s time to learn what to avoid when purchasing it.

Always avoid buying marijuana with brown shades that are too dry. This can lead to pesticides, chemicals, and mold growth.

Second, look closely at the trichomes in your marijuana buds. You can usually see trichomes on marijuana buds’ surfaces. They look like tiny crystals. They contain the majority of cannabinoids including THC. If you want to get high-quality marijuana, make sure your buds have plenty of trichomes. They will give you a strong high. You will feel more sticky if your buds are covered in trichomes.

The third thing you should check is trimming job when searching for high-quality cannabis. It’s actually one of the biggest differences between high-quality and low-quality cannabis.

High-quality buds are harvested and cured with care. You can tell this by inspecting the leaves and hairs in your stash. Leafy marijuana is less potent and can be more difficult to cut into smaller pieces. Leafy marijuana is a completely different product from pure cannabis.

The most sought-after part of marijuana is the hairs. They make the buds taste more delicious and more potent. The more marijuana has, the stronger it will be. You should avoid using marijuana that has many stems, sticks and leaves. If you do see tiny hairs on your buds, don’t hesitate to grab it as soon as possible!

2. You can smell it

After you have examined your marijuana visually, it is time to smell it. The aroma profile of your marijuana can help determine its quality.

Begin by smelling the marijuana. Your buds will be more potent if the smell is stronger. High quality marijuana has a strong aroma that you can smell before you open a bag.

The smell of marijuana strains can vary depending on their potency. There is a common marijuana-like smell that we all recognize. It can vary depending on the variety. It’s the sweet, strong, herbal aroma of marijuana that can make your nose tingle.

Certain types of marijuana have delicate tones like lemons, berries and grapes. One thing is certain: Good weed smells delicious and appealing. The quality of your marijuana may be lower if it smells dull or bland. Avoid buying marijuana with a moldy smell. This is likely because it has been dried out and old.

3. Touch the Green

High-quality marijuana has a lot of trichomes. These trichomes are responsible for sticking to your buds. Stickier marijuana is better than dry. Even though cured marijuana can be dried, it should retain its sticky trichome coating. High-quality buds should be dry enough for you to easily grind them, but sticky enough to give you the desired potency.

A top-quality bud should be perfectly balanced between sticky and dry. However, it is easy to confuse soggy or moist marijuana for sticky flowers. Don’t buy damp or moistened buds.

Before purchasing marijuana, make sure to feel the buds. The texture of marijuana flowers can tell you a lot about the potency and quality.

4. Take a look at the Taste

To determine the quality of your marijuana, make sure you taste it before buying. Your weed should have a similar flavor to its aroma. It should smell sharp, rich, fresh, and often very pure. Avoid bland or off-tasting cannabis as it can give off a very strong smoke.


There are many ways to distinguish between good and poor marijuana. Sometimes, however, smoking marijuana is the best way to determine the quality of your weed. You can smoke marijuana in any way you like, whether it’s a joint, bong or spliff. Most importantly, make sure that you only buy marijuana from trusted dispensaries, which offer high-quality products. You will be able to distinguish between good and bad marijuana once you have learned the tips above.

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