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What is Shatter? Marijuana comes in a variety of different forms, but when it comes to potency, very few can compare to shatter as it can average up to 80-90% THC. Sometimes referred to as shatter weed, this concentrate has a glass-like amber appearance and is hard and brittle in ... Read More texture. Shatter induces a plethora of positive effects and medical benefits, making it one of the most common weed concentrates on the Canadian cannabis market. For top quality shatter products, or more information, continue on down the page.

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Shatter Online Canada | Cheap Shatter

... Read More What is Shatter? Marijuana comes in a variety of different forms, but when it comes to potency, very few can compare to shatter as it can average up to 80-90% THC. Sometimes referred to as shatter weed, this concentrate has a glass-like amber appearance and is hard and brittle in texture.Shatter induces a plethora of positive effects and medical benefits, making it one of the most common weed concentrates on the Canadian cannabis market.For top quality shatter products, or more information, continue on down the page.

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Shatter Positive Effects:

As with regular marijuana, your high will largely depend on the weed used. If it is an indica dominant cannabis strain, you would likely experience body and couch lock sensations, whereas a sativa heavy strain would normally be a more cerebral buzz. However, since shatter is so concentrated, all the effects would be much more intense since shatter can be up to 4-5 times more potent than the buds they came from.

Having such a potent cannabis option on the market can be transformative for those who have higher tolerances or more significant aches and pains. More gentle, less potent products may be wonderful for beginners, but they simply do not provide the relaxation, bliss, or relief that such potent concentrates, like shatter, do. The most common positive effects of shatter are the strong dose of calm and euphoria that these dabs tend to bring. While the experience will be different for everyone, many consumers report feeling strong relaxation with a mix of bliss from head to toe.

Shatter Medical Benefits:

Shatter is a long lasting and very potent cannabis concentrate, so it is great for treating medical marijuana patients that suffer from chronic aches and pains. As we mentioned above, shatter is highly concentrated with strong doses of THC, allowing for serious relief in terms of pain and stress. In general, many people turn to cannabis because of its anti-inflammatory properties, allowing the body a natural dose of pain relief.

With THC levels as high as shatter has, effects such as these are quite prominent. Taken in low doses, shatter can promote appetite, boost mood, and reduce tension. Again, the medical benefits of shatter are quite individualized. Every person is likely to experience different benefits depending on what’s needed. As a whole, the medicinal benefits surrounding shatter (and other concentrates) are still being looked into.

Shatter vs Cannabis Flowers

Shatter is just a concentrated form of buds. The flower has been broken down and destroyed, leaving behind only residual oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Then, this oil is set, dried, and cured to create the fragile, glass-like texture it is known for. Compared to flower, these two forms of cannabis could not look more different. In terms of potency, as was mentioned, shatter is going to be much, much more potent than your average flower.

Cannabis flower typically tests between 15-25% THC, while shatter can test as high as in the 90s. Of course, flower can be ground up, manipulated, and handled with ease; shatter cannot. Shatter is incredibly fragile and will break with the slightest touch. Because of this, shatter is more difficult to smoke but packs much more of a punch. In general, shatter and its high potency are not for the faint of heart.

Shatter vs Weed Concentrates

Shatter is from the weed wax family of concentrates. It is known to be one of the most potent forms of THC on the market, but also one of the most difficult to get your hands on– literally. Compared to other concentrates on the market, shatter’s fragile composition makes it tough to handle. Concentrates like budder or wax are much more viscous, allowing for a stretchy, easy-to-manipulate dab.

However, shatter’s unique composition still puts it at the top of the list in terms of concentrates due to its pure, unrefined structure and intense THC percentages. You should only try handling this form of cannabis if you have experience with other concentrates first. Sometimes, it may be difficult to find shatter depending on where you live. Because of the potency and stringent extraction/purification process, this form of concentrate tends to be a bit less common than regular wax, budder, or even sauce.

Shatter VS Weed Edibles

Cannabis edibles have a much different effect on users than other marijuana products. When ingesting THC, it reacts differently with the body and normally results in a longer, heavier body high. To feel the effects, the cannabinoids must make their way throughout the body, via inhalation, digestion, or directly into the bloodstream before it is metabolized by the liver, a The digestion process takes the longest while sublingual or inhalation are the fastest.

The liver is responsible for metabolizing the THC from the bloodstream and its rate of metabolism is based on a variety of factors such as other medications. The liver does slow down the absorption into the blood stream if taken orally compared to those routes that bypass the liver such as inhalation or sublingually Shatter, on the other hand, is designed for inhalation. Inhalation allows for the quickest onset of effects, allowing you to experience the benefits of your concentrate upon dabbing.

Compared to edibles, though, the high will not last nearly as long, and it is likely to feel more cerebral than full-bodied. Do keep in mind that some brands choose to make their edibles using concentrates. Doing this creates a much more potent high, as you’re combining the high THC percentages from shatter with the long-lasting effects that cannabis digestion brings.

How to Make Shatter?

How shatter is made depends on the company that’s crafting it. Manufacturers rely on solvents such as butane, CO2, or ethanol, to completely destroy plant matter, leaving behind only the residual oils, isolating the THC and other cannabinoids. After the extract is purged of any leftover solvent, shatter undergoes an extremely rigorous purification process to achieve a transparent composition. Then, unlike other concentrates, the concentrate is left completely untouched while drying.

Leaving the molecules undisturbed allows for the glass-like appearance of this wax. It is crucial to know that this process is not recommended to be done at home. Making concentrates can be an extremely dangerous task if you are inexperienced and operating without proper equipment. In order to craft high-quality concentrates, advanced technology and lab space areas required. Therefore, it is very strongly urged to leave this process up to the professionals

How to take Shatter?


Vaping is another very popular way of enjoying shatter. To vape your shatter, you will need a dry herb vaporizer or a vape pen that can generate enough heat.  Shatter can also be heated, then mixed with terpenes and added to a vape cartridge if the technology allows. Doing this is a much more discreet, easy option than dabbing fully, and it is recommended for those who don’t have much experience with concentrates.


Dabbing your shatter is the most common and most powerful method of consumption. To dab, it requires a dab rig, mini blow torch, dab tool, carb cap, and shatter. This process requires you using your torch to heat up the nail on the dab rig, or the place where you put your dab. Heat it until it is red hot.  Then, collect a tiny shard of shatter onto your dab tool and place it into the nail after the nail is no longer bright red. As you do this, inhale through the mouthpiece. Once the shatter has vaporized off the tool, place the carb cap on top, inhale some more, and then exhale. That’s all it takes.

Smoking in a Bong or Pipe:

This method is a bit harder since it is difficult to heat the shatter to the appropriate temperature. It is recommended to heat the shatter up before adding it to the bong or pipe. To enjoy your shatter in a bong or pipe, it must first be broken up into small pieces of shatter and sprinkled onto the bowl. It’s highly suggested to mix the shatter with the bud, not just have it sitting on top. To burn the shatter at the right temperature, a torch lighter should be used.

Adding it into a joint:

Many users mix shatter with their marijuana or tobacco.  This helps ensure it will burn nicely. When adding it into a joint, ensure that the shatter is well-mixed. Shatter-filled joints must be smoked slowly and carefully to guarantee an even, thorough burn.

How to Store Shatter?

Like most cannabis products, shatter should be stored in a dark and cool place and be kept in an airtight container. Any excess light, air, or harsh temperatures can affect shatter, degrading terpenes and cannabinoids. This will cause the shatter to not be as potent nor as aromatic as it once was.

If possible, opaque silicone containers make for the best storage as no extra light or air is able to seep in. On top of being stored in a cool, dark place, ensure that the shatter is always properly labeled and sealed. You do not want shatter to end up in the wrong hands, especially with its strong potency.

Shatter Side Effects

Due to THC levels reaching upwards to 90%, shatter is not recommended for newcomers. Even in small doses, this potent concentrate can do some damage. Some possible side effects could include, dizziness, paranoia, nausea and anxiety.

Dry mouth and dry eyes and a high level of impairment is likely, so be prepared! If any of these effects occur, performing everyday tasks like taking a shower, eating a meal, or drinking some water can help to level one out, alleviating the uncomfortable effects.

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