THC Weed Chocolate | Weed Chocolate Bar

What are Weed Chocolates?

Weed edibles have taken Canada by storm ever since their legalization. One popular marijuana treat is THC infused chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolate? ... Read More Add in some potent cannabinoids and the result is a bar of ganja goodness. At Online Dispensary Canada, we offer some of the highest quality THC chocolate in Canada. Come visit our shop and browse through our large inventory of cannabis edibles.

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THC Weed Chocolate | Weed Chocolate Bar

... Read More What are Weed Chocolates?

Weed edibles have taken Canada by storm ever since their legalization. One popular marijuana treat is THC infused chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Add in some potent cannabinoids and the result is a bar of ganja goodness. At Online Dispensary Canada, we offer some of the highest quality THC chocolate in Canada. Come visit our shop and browse through our large inventory of cannabis edibles.

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What are Weed THC Chocolates?

Weed chocolates are exactly what they sound like – a delicious combination of chocolate and weed. These stoner-friendly sweets are usually made using cannabis extracts or concentrates and can contain THC, CBD or a combination of both. Cannabis chocolates containing THC will produce the psychoactive effects typically associated with the cannabis “high,” while CBD chocolates are not expected to get you high. You can purchase a seemingly limitless variety of cannabis chocolates.

From milk chocolate to dark and everything in between, the options are truly endless. There are even companies who specialize in infusing cannabis into your favorite childhood chocolate bars! Cannabis chocolates are easily one of the most popular edibles in the industry, and they have a lot of unique advantages over other methods of cannabis consumption. Whether you’re a medicinal or recreational user, cannabis chocolates are definitely the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth.


How do Cannabis Weed Chocolates Work?

As any experienced stoner knows, edibles do NOT work the same way as smoking, vaping, or most other forms of cannabis consumption. Edibles can have effects that are much stronger as well as much longer-lasting than you’d get with smoking. Instead of entering through the lungs, edibles take their own unique route to your bloodstream. When you consume cannabis chocolates or any other cannabis edible, it must first be digested before your body can begin to process the THC and other cannabinoids.

Specifically, it needs to reach your small intestine and liver. Once the edible reaches your liver, something interesting happens. Enzymes in your liver will convert the THC into a different, much more potent form. This is why the effects of edibles tend to have different effects than smoking or vaping. It can take your body over an hour to complete this entire process, which is why it can take so long for the effects of your cannabis chocolate to fully kick in. Once the THC and other compounds finally reach your brain, they will act upon your body’s endocannabinoid system. This interaction is what produces the classic sensations of a cannabis high. Depending on potency, edible effects can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours following ingestion.

Chocolates Weed Edibles Positive Effects

There are several positive effects that come with consuming cannabis chocolates. By far the most important advantage is that cannabis chocolates, as well as edibles in general, offer an effective smoke-free alternative for consuming cannabis. This is ideal for many people who wish to avoid the negative health effects of regularly inhaling marijuana smoke. In terms of their effects, cannabis chocolates benefits include a huge spike in relaxation and euphoria, making weed edibles a favorite in Canada.

In addition, consuming cannabis as an edible preserves and lets you enjoy all of the healthy antioxidants found in the cannabis plant. These antioxidants can protect you from damage caused by stress, and they can also help prevent certain diseases. Chocolate also contains a lot of these same antioxidants, and research even suggests chocolate can improve heart health. Most of all, they just taste great!

Weed THC Chocolates Medical Benefits

In addition to personal wellness benefits, cannabis chocolates can also offer a ton of valuable medical benefits. As mentioned above, edibles often have more potent and longer-lasting effects compared to smoking and other methods. This may make them more ideal for patients who require effective, long-lasting symptom relief. Cannabis edibles such as chocolates are particularly beneficial in treating patients who suffer from chronic pain. Edibles tend to provide a more physical, body-centered high than other cannabis products, making them more effective at relieving physical aches and pains.

Another key medical benefit of cannabis edibles is their ability to relieve nausea and reduce vomiting. Many studies show that cannabis can effectively treat nausea, no matter what the cause. Due to the slower onset of effects, edibles may not be as ideal for those who need immediate relief. However, they are great for those who can anticipate their symptoms such as people undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from menstrual cramps. Cannabis chocolates containing CBD can have even more medical benefits than those containing THC alone. CBD has shown to potentially assist in many a wide variety of medical conditions including insomnia, inflammation, and even certain seizure disorders.

Weed Chocolates Vs Marijuana Flowers

Weed chocolates are much stronger than the buds, and because they are ingested, they react differently, resulting in a more intense couch lock sensation. In addition, marijuana chocolates tend to last longer on average.

Weed Chocolates vs Weed Concentrates

Both are very potent forms of cannabis and are unique in their own way. There are different categories and different ways to take them which will affect the experience. Most concentrates are either smoked, vaped, or dabbed, meaning they will act in a very similar way to smoking unrefined flower. As a result, edibles will have the same advantages over other concentrates that they do over smoking regular cannabis.

How to Make Weed Chocolate?

There are so many different ways to combine cannabis and chocolate, the list is endless. If you want a quick and easy recipe to try out for yourself, keep reading below. Start by decarboxylation your unrefined cannabis flower. Decarbing your weed activates the compounds in your bud that produce the psychoactive effects. Skipping this essential step will definitely lead to some pretty disappointing results. Click here for a more in-depth guide on how to decarb your weed.

Once your weed is fully decarbed, you can start making the actual chocolates. Melt your chocolate of choice in a saucepan, and stir until smooth and creamy. Remove your chocolate from heat, then start mixing in your ground-up cannabis. For best results, use cannabis that is ground very finely. Ensure that the weed is distributed evenly throughout the chocolate. After mixing, pour your chocolate mixture into a mold. If you don’t have a chocolate mold, you can easily get away with using a regular ice cube tray. You can also simply make a giant block of chocolate if that’s what you want. Refrigerate, and enjoy!

How to Take Weed Chocolate?

This one is easy. You just eat it! However, Cannabis chocolates are very potent so you should know the proper cannabis edible dosage. There is a wide range of food infused with THC available for sale. However, keep in mind it’s not easy to estimate the amount of psychoactive THC in a particular batch, which makes it difficult to dose. Thus, it’s best to start with lower amounts, as edibles are definitely more powerful than your regular cannabis joint. Everyone is different, and many variables are at play, so make sure you know your tolerance levels well before delving into the world of weed edibles.

How to Store Weed Chocolates?

The shelf life of marijuana chocolates are not as long as other cannabis products since food tends to spoil rather quickly. Some edibles such as a hard THC candy will last longer than say a pot cookie. Just keep air away and keep your chocolates refrigerated and be sure to eat them all before the expiry date! Also, it is very important you keep cannabis chocolates clearly labelled and out of the reach of children and pets as it can be very dangerous. Being a responsible cannabis user is of utmost importance when it comes to weed edibles.

Weed Chocolates Side Effects

Fortunately, cannabis is relatively safe, and the risk of overdose is almost non-existent. However, there are some important side effects and additional risks you should be aware of before consuming cannabis chocolates or any other edible. One of the biggest concerns with using edibles is how easy it is for children and pets to accidentally ingest them. They taste delicious, and a child or dog definitely won’t be able to tell the difference. Always make sure your cannabis chocolates are out of reach of anyone who shouldn’t be consuming them.

Even for experienced users, edibles are much easier to overdo compared to smoking or vaping. This is due to their delicious taste as well as how long it takes for them to kick in. While you won’t necessarily overdose, consuming too much THC can lead to pretty uncomfortable side effects. These include paranoia, nausea, panic attacks, and more. Make sure to always start with a small dose, and don’t take more unless a sufficient amount of time has passed without any effects. Finally, cannabis chocolates have their own unique risk that no other edibles have. Experts have found that chocolate can actually interfere with tests that determine dosing. This means your chocolate may contain more THC than stated on the package. It’s important that you only purchase from trustworthy vendors, and only consume chocolates that have been lab-tested in a certified lab in order to ensure you have the most accurate dosing information possible.

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